Beyond Words

               Nature • Beautiful Calligraphy • Inspiration -A unique Subscription Service

                              Twice monthly for only $5.00 a month

"We will change our World when we change our Minds."

Designed, created and authored by Elaine M. Grohman


Energy Healer • Author • Inspirational Speaker • Artist • Intuitive

• Creativity, Beauty and Inspiration can help Change our World •


The combination of these elements – Nature, Calligraphy and Inspiration, can come to your inbox, two times a month, for just $5.00 per month, providing you small jewels of Beauty and Inspiration in our ever changing, often challenging world.


All calligraphy, photography and verses are designed, written and created by

Elaine M. Grohman.


Offering one of a kind inspirational messages that brighten your day.

"We will change our World when we change our Minds."


Our hectic world offers few tangible ways to begin to release stress, anger and fear.

What might happen if you gave yourself the time to begin to think differently,

respond differently, understand emotions differently,

so that each day can be the Gift it is meant to be?


Twice a month, inspirational messages will offer something for you to reflect upon...

Perhaps a new perspective.

A way to release and rejuvenate.

A new point of view.


This is exactly why I wanted to create this subscription.

I wanted to create a way to help people begin to heal...


Spirit, Body, Emotions and Mind


What would happen if challenges became opportunities

and stories become teachings? If our Emotions did not wound us, but

offered us the opportunity to make a different, perhaps better choice?


Twice a month you will receive an inspirational message...

A message that provides a different perspective,

but not just something for the moment but rather something to consider

about how you might change your point of view.


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