Healing Hearts with Positive Players.


“You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world.”
― Woodrow Wilson


Healing Hearts with Positive Players is a pilot project designed to bring Energy Healing to people in New York City whose lives have been affected by gun violence. The goal is to empower women and children by educating them about their connection to the Living Earth, the importance of their lives, and to teach them how to use that connection, through Energy Healing, to broaden their perspectives about their own lives – Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions.

But we can’t just show - we have to teach. Teaching Energy Healing is the first step. The second is ongoing, long-term support, conversation, and mentoring with women and children whose lives are as valuable as our own.

Given the opportunity, anyone can learn to feel Energy. Anyone can learn to do Healing. Anyone can learn to appreciate the Living Earth and the many ways in which She supports us. Once experienced, Energy Healing allows an individual to shift focus away from the problem, long enough to see possible, positive solutions.

The challenges that Humanity faces are real. Poverty, violence, and abuse cry for our attention as we witness countless acts that cause us to shake our heads in disbelief. But change can never come simply by pointing out the obvious. To begin to change we must be taught to appreciate ourselves, perhaps for the first time. Appreciation begets understanding. Understanding begets cooperation. Cooperation begets sharing. Sharing begets Healing. Only then can lasting changes occur. Only then can wounds begin to heal. When hearts heal, solutions can be found. But it takes a collective effort and a collective change of perspective.

How will it work?

Over the course of one year, monthly, day-long trainings will be offered in key locations throughout the city, shared free of charge to the residents who live in those communities. Attendees will be taught how to experience, feel, sense and use the Healing Energy of the Living Earth to begin to bring balance into their lives by healing Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions.

What is our Dream?

It is our dream to have Healing Centers in every major city in the United States. These centers will be havens where people can gather together to learn about healing, discuss their experiences, talk about how it has impacted their lives and help them to seek calm solutions to the problems at hand.

It is a lofty idea, but one whose time has come.   Be a Player behind Positive Players - We need you... we can’t do it alone!




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