Mending Mind's - Healing Hearts

with Elaine M. Grohman and Jem Muldoon

Violence, in all of its forms, continues to wreak havoc throughout our lives. The human experience is molded and controlled by the extent to which we have adapted and normalized violence. In truth, violence is not normal; however, it is all too common.


Together, Jem Muldoon and Elaine Grohman are offering an experiential evening of learning and healing. You will gain a greater depth of understanding of why these challenges exist within our human experience, and will be offered new perspectives so that you too might work to bring balance within your own personal history. In this way, we can make meaningful changes in our lives, our families, our workplaces, and our communities.

One or two day workshops aimed at understanding a stressed mind, due to bullying or other stressors. Along side this understanding will be conversation regarding ways to broaden our understanding of our Selves, and reconnect with the Living Earth is profound and palpable ways.

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