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Benevolent Momentum

Have you ever stopped to consider all of the things that are working in Life? Or have you chosen to see only what you imagine is lacking or seemingly broken? There is an unseen Power that has everything under control. It is dependable. It is workable. It is amazing. And - it is benevolent.

Benevolence, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, means a “disposition to do good.” Life is benevolent, whether you know it or not. What would happen in our world if we, as conscious Human Beings, also chose to be benevolent? Would we learn how to forgive? Would we move away from war and towards respectful resolution? Would we finally be able to solve real problems, instead of repeating old ones?

Since you and I are intricately a part of Life, perhaps it is time to know that we can participate with Life in a whole new way. Consciously. Intentionally. Immediately. Benevolently. Gladly.

There are countless silent actions, interactions and reactions that keep Life moving forward, constantly repeating benevolent processes in order to keep Life in working order. Without the need of Human attention, there are universes deep within us, removed from our conscious thoughts, deep in the quantum spaces that comprise our own atomic structures. There is an invisible realm of oxygenation, exchanged seamlessly with the release of carbon dioxide, working flawlessly as we inhale and exhale. Then there is the invisible life of nutrients within the foods that we eat - the minerals and water extracted as we chew and digest that maintains the Life we so often ignore or take for granted.

We have cell division that keeps replicating its own perfect design, releasing cells whose job is complete and no longer function optimally. We have an autoimmune system that goes to battle without one single command from us; the command comes from the Intelligent Design that holds our Lives together. We have tissue growth and homeostasis silently working for our benefit in an ongoing exchange of elements, minerals, oxygen, electrical conduction through our nervous system and the capacity to intake and integrate information.

Life is Benevolent – By Design. Benevolence is built into the System of Life so that Life can continue. So that Life can thrive. So that Life can evolve to higher states of Being.

Millions upon millions of miracles are happening every single moment within your own Body, but we hardly ever take notice until something goes awry. We might have an ache or a pain, or we might feel run down and stressed. Often we blame something or someone else for the problems we are experiencing – often forgetting one very important factor. Our own Benevolent Momentum.

Imagine what would happen within your own Mind, if you chose Benevolent Momentum instead of a harsh thought. Imagine what would happen within your own Body, if you chose to release any tension stemming from anger or judgment. If you chose the Benevolent Momentum of a different, more wholesome thought, word, or deed. Imagine if we all stopped for one minute, then one hour and then one day to take only Benevolent Actions, following the lead of Life, so that everything could be workable for everyone.

It is possible. It really is possible. Life has done it for millennium. And it truly can’t think of a good reason why we couldn’t give it a try. We just might find that it is wonderful. We might just find that we feel better. We might just find that there is happiness around every corner, and kindness around every bend. Beauty is present because it is part of the Design. The Benevolent Momentum of Life is always showing the way. Let’s try harder to follow Life’s lead.

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