Humanity is at a Crossroad

Humanity is standing at a crossroad – a crossroad we have witnessed many times in Human history. Each road appears to offer gifts – but gifts of very different kinds.

Humanity is standing at a crossroad – a place where we must pause, to focus long enough to see through the eyes of Clarity and hear with the ears of Wisdom. We must pause, viewing all that is before Us. Our Hopes. Our Dreams. Our Future. Humanity must decide which road we will take this Time, how we will experience and create our Time, using the only Time we have – our Lives.

The choice we make may be the end or the beginning of our World. We have seen it all before.

One road is boisterous, lined with hawking messengers attempting to drown out the Voice of Wisdom, promising prestige, riches, power, and treasures of every kind. There is a dullness that can be felt in the rhetoric – the low vibration of discord, jealousy, bitterness and lies. But if a Wise One stands and listens, they soon will hear the same old words, the same old sounds, the same old promises, in the same old voices of those whose Minds have been clouded with illusions. We have traveled this road before. It always ends with Sorrow and Tragedy.

The other road is Peaceful, lined with Healers, Teachers, and Wisdom Keepers, those who bear no arms, but rather extend their hands to those who choose this Way. This path is open to everyone, offering endless opportunities to Learn the Language of Life – each step upon this road is filled with respect, curiosity, dignity, and awe. This road offers countless invitations to explore the vast and amazing landscapes of our Earth, Her Beautiful People, Her astounding Plants, Her mysterious Animals and Her ceaseless Wonders. Life offers Beauty. Life offers Teachings. Life offers Relationships. Life offer Adventures. Life offers Wisdom. Life offers Life.

Humanity is standing at a crossroad – a crossroad each of us must choose every day. This crossroad is in our Mind, asking each of Us the same question. Will you work with Life, or will you work against Life today?

Humanity is standing at a crossroad. If we choose the path of destruction, the outcome is assured – it will bring Sorrow and Tragedy. History will remain the same. With the same outcome. The same story. The same madness. The same destruction.

But – if we choose the Path of Peace, the road has no end – for it winds through every Heart, and every Home – through valleys and mountains, deserts, and oceans, offering the adventures we have yet to explore about our Human potentials. This path will ensure that every Child can grow safely, joyfully into their untapped potential, with Loving Elders by their side, cheering each Child on as they reach for their Dreams.

Humanity is standing at a crossroads. It is Time for all of us to say, “Let us put down our weapons. Let us silence our hateful words. Let us declare No more war. Let us all sit together within the Circle of Life, where all People can be seen, nurtured, heard, and comforted. Let us sit together, warmed by the Fire that can Light our way, warm our Hearts, and illuminate our imaginations with countless unknown wonders.”

As Humanity stands at this crossroads, I hope that we are Wise enough to consider, and act upon the Wisdom of Robert Frost, and the final stanza of his famous poem, The Road Not Taken.

“I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

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