Sacred Geometry is the study of the patterns that are inherent in Nature. All of Nature is Geometry - from our cells that multiply to make the complexity of our human body, to the mysterious unfurling of a leaf as it reaches for the Sun, to the movement of the Earth around the Sun. All of it is geometric patterns.


Energy Medicine is learning to engage the Energy of the Living Earth, to help to retain and often regain the balance that is necessary for Health of the Spirit, Body, Emotions and Mind.


This 2 day workshops assists those in attendance to open to the power beneath our feet, the Living Earth, and to help to use that Energy to enhance our senses and improve our experiences of Life. Through both hands-on techniques of moving Energy and through the exploration of broadening our Senses and our Perceptive capabilities, attendees will gain a greater depth of understanding of our own Human Potential.


9am-5pm each day.


Care by Design

32746 Grand River Ave.

Farmington, MI 48336


*Limit 10 people

Sacred Geometry & Energy Medicine Level 1 August 24 & 25 at Care by Design


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