Level I - February 22 & 23 2020 9-5pm 

Level I is open to anyone interested in learning about the Human Energy System and its purpose and function relating to Health of the entire Human. In this two-day workshop we begin by actively connecting to the Living Earth, known as Grounding, so that the Claires - Clear Hearing, Sight, Taste, Touch, Knowing and Intuition can be experienced more deeply. Our Senses are our internal guidance designed to Preserve Life. 


We will explore the Platonic Solids, the patterns that comprise all that exists in order to help facilitate active movement of Energy -The Fuel required by every cell of our Body. Sacred Geometry & Energy Medicine techniques are taught, explored and actively experienced.  


Location: Mercy Center 28650 Eleven Mile Rd (between Middlebelt and Inkster)

Farmington Hills, MI 48336

Sacred Geometry & Energy Medicine Level 1- February 22 & 23,2020


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