I have known and worked with Elaine Grohman for the past twenty years.  She is a gifted healer

and a pioneer in Energy Medicine.  In the recent past she treated two of my daughters using

energy medicine. Both girls had cancer; one is now completely well.  The other had a short

remission but subsequently succumbed.  The energy work comforted her when nothing else

could and helped her make a peaceful transition.

I am proud to call Elaine a friend and colleague.




Bernard Bercu, M.D. – Cardiologist





"As a society, we are currently immersed in scientism, which is the belief that the physical and

biological sciences are the arbiter of all that is real and important.  Yet, all that is now "real" was once

amorphous, and was thus then relegated to some backwater of dubious merit or actuality.  I have

found Elaine's work to be to be very helpful to me personally and have thus referred a number of my

patients to her over time.  All of these people have reported the same experience and are now

healthier.  Perhaps someday the work of Elaine and others like her can be measured.  Until that time, it

is nonetheless "real", as I and others have improved health and wellness because of her."



Robert J. Flewelling, PsyD, LP




Elaine became my energy healer eight years ago with I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Initially, she would see me weekly and over the years it has become occasional visits as I feel

the need. Elaine was able to help my body heal more quickly during and after an enormous

surgery (Whipple), radiation and chemotherapy sessions and even spent the day in the hospital

with my family the day of the procedure. She also healed me in the post-op following surgery

when I was in a pain crisis. During my hospital stay she came several times to do healing work

with me. Elaine has kept me stable and calm during a very precarious time in my life and I am

forever grateful.



Sheila Sky Kasselman – Founder – Sky Foundation, Inc. (seeking to discover the bio-marker for

pancreatic cancer) www.skyfoundationinc.org





Elaine has the gift of seeing beyond the words that we convey. Her connection to spirit is readily

apparent by the generosity and radiance she exudes in her being. She is often spot-on in her readings,

sharing what needs to be heard at the moment. Elaine is able to communicate her knowledge of energy

healing in ways even skeptics can hear. She is love and wisdom manifest.

I have invited Elaine to share her practice and knowledge with medical students at the University of

Michigan for the last 15 years as well as to educate the faculty who participate in my year-long

interdisciplinary faculty scholar program in integrative medicine. She is always clear and grounded in

her presentations and responses from these audiences. I have also attended her energy healing


workshopsand experienced the power of transmission that comes through the space she helps create.  



Rita Benn, PhD

Director, University of Michigan Faculty Scholars Program

Assistant Research Scientist




I went to see Elaine when I was struggling to cope with my Mother's diagnosis of Alzheimer's

disease. I couldn't understand how my wonderful, kind loving mother could slowly losing pieces

of herself, "Where was she?" I asked repeatedly.


I was led to Elaine who told me I needed a healing. Under Elaine's gentle hands came an

experience that was life changing. I know I experienced the presence of the Divine and felt a

feeling of being loved that no words can describe. I now have a great peace about my mother

and know my anxiety about her situation no longer grips me.

 As an intensive care nurse, I've taken care of many very sick patients. For some reason, I've

always known that a patient is a person first and a patient second. I have now started on a path

to learn energy medicine. I feel it is what is needed to truly heal a person. Our traditional

medicine, to me, lacks this component.



Rebecca McPhail, RN, BSN

*** Shortly after receiving this email, I received a second email telling me of her mother’s

passing, 11/3/15 at 2:04am EST.




I believe that in the future, Energy Medicine will transform the way patients and their families

heal in Body, Mind, and Spirit. It is the perfect compliment to both Traditional and Holistic

Medicine.  I am making this statement based on personal experience. In 2001, my Mother was

diagnosed with Stage IV liver and lung Cancer and was given a poor prognosis. As an RN who

has a great respect for both Traditional and Holistic Medicine, I walked along side my precious

Mother as she searched for any kind of hope. She gratefully accepted all treatment offered but

on November 12, 2002 she lost her battle with this devastating disease. I wish I had known

about Energy Medicine during this time, it was the missing link in helping my Mom in many

ways. Energy Medicine could have assisted in decreasing pain, anxiety and could have offered

peace, comfort and spiritual healing to both of us. We cannot remain in our physical bodies

forever so when we are facing a grave prognosis it is time to heal at a soul level. Receiving

energy work can assist in this. It can transform the way we deal with any illness if we are open

to the possibility. It has changed my life and I pray that it becomes a valuable tool that Doctors

will use to help their patients heal.



Kathleen A. Mullen, RN, BSN

Clinical Nurse Manager

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