What is an Intuitive Reading?



Like trees that shelter and air we breathe, Angels, guides and passed loved ones surround us at all times, and gently guide us through this incredible adventure we call Life.


For almost two decades, Elaine has shared her gift of intuition with others so that they can begin to live the Life they have been searching for.  Our Guides, passed Loved Ones and Angelic beings are an ever-present source of love, wisdom and guidance.  During an Intuitive Reading, Elaine intuits loving messages and provides guidance that we seek - Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions.


Life can be complicated, confusing and challenging but during an Intuitive Reading, Elaine helps to demystify some of Life's many questions, bringing a sense of peace and understanding.  Loved ones who have passed shine forth their wisdom and Love, helping those left behind to feel comfort, softening the grief that is felt with the loss of a loved one.


All readings are recorded so that the messages can be listened to as many times as the recipient needs.


To learn more about Intuitive Readings and how they can help change your life, pick up your copy of Elaine's book, The Angels and Me: Experiences of Receiving and Sharing Divine Communications today.  Available on Amazon.com.