What is Energy Healing?

The body is a wonderful symphony of frequencies of Energy that work harmoniously to create, sustain and heal us - Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions. Every neurological impulse is activated by the Energy that moves through us. If this Energy flow is interrupted for a sustained period of time, stress, and ultimately disease soon follow. Energy Healing helps us to re-establish this natural flow of Energy.

Energy Healing gently assists in allowing Energy to flow in, around and through the body.  Since each neurological impulse brings information to every part of our body it is important that our Energy flows well.

When Energy is not moving freely, this depletion causes stress, depression, and disease.  As an Energy Healer, Elaine works with the naturally flowing Energy of the Living Earth, assisting the individual to allow Energy to flow through them, bringing about a calming effect, which in turn assists the body's own healing mechanisms to work as it was designed.


Elaine teaches both a Level I and a Level II of this workshop. Please see the Events page to learn of current classes.


To learn more about Energy Healing and how it can help change your life, pick up your copy of Elaine's book, Spirit Awakening, Wisdom for Lfe and Living today.  Available on Amazon.com.




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