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Energy Healing- Individual + Group Readings

Upcoming Workshops

Introduction to Energy Healing/Energy Medicine
December 2 & 3, 2023  9:00am to 5:00pm
Farmington Hills, Michigan

The term, Energy Healing/Energy Medicine, is one often misunderstood. "Energy" is the information required by every part of the Body in order for the entire system to function.  "Energy," is the mysterious electrical signals moving through the nervous system that provides every part of the Body with the information required to grow, mend, heal, repair, think, perceive, renew, and respond appropriately. It is not as mysterious as it sounds. The challenge is that most of us are running on empty - keeping our Body in a state of stress.

This workshop is open to anyone interested in experiencing the benefits of a healthier flow of Energy, and how the body responds to the addition of "information" that allows the Spirit, Body, Emotions and Mind,to be more fully functional.

As we work, our Senses become more acute, allowing a greater sensitivity to become apparent.

This is an "experiential" workshop, in which participants will begin to personally experience how to increase Energy flow in the Body, and in turn, how the Body responds when the stress of insufficient Energy is restored to a healthier flow of Energy. The history of Energy healing will be explained, and, we will discover how our natural connected have been intentionally, and systematically shut down, thereby diminishing our Body's sensory perceptions, diminishing our awareness, and keeping us in a perpetual state of stress.

Health is not a medical issue. Health is our natural state of being.

If you are interested in joining this workshop, please click the link below to register and pay. Limited to 20 participants.

If you happen to have a massage table available, please let Elaine know. We need one table for every 2 people.

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Fee: $350
Transaction fee of $11.85 applied to fee.


Individual Intuitive Readings:

Like trees that shelter and air we breathe, Angels, guides and passed loved ones surround us at all times, and gently guide us through this incredible adventure we call Life.


For almost two decades, Elaine has shared her gift of intuition with others so that they can begin to live the Life they have been searching for.  Our Guides, passed Loved Ones and Angelic beings are an ever-present source of love, wisdom and guidance.  During an Intuitive Reading, Elaine intuits loving messages and provides guidance that we seek - Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions.


Life can be complicated, confusing and challenging but during an Intuitive Reading, Elaine helps to demystify some of Life's many questions, bringing a sense of peace and understanding.  Loved ones who have passed shine forth their wisdom and Love, helping those left behind to feel comfort, softening the grief that is felt with the loss of a loved one.


All readings are recorded so that the messages can be listened to as many times as the recipient needs.

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Individual Readings

An Intuitive Reading is a one hour, one-on-one experience in which I share message that I receive that can assist my client have a greater understanding of the challenges they face, what they might do about them, and how to help broaden their point of view in order to create a happier Life. Many times deceased loved ones offer message from Spirit. Intuitive Readings can be done in person, on the phone or via Zoom.

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Energy Healing Sessions

An Energy Healing typically lasts for one hour. The client remains fully clothed and rests comfortably on a massage table. With very gentle touch, I begin to help the individual by moving Energy into their Body – kind of like a jumper cable moves Energy from one battery to another, in order to help the clients Body help itself. I see of vast array of individuals, from those diagnosed with terminal or life-threatening illnesses, to individuals experiencing stress, injury or trauma. I have had many therapists and physicians refer clients to me. 

I find it very important to speak with my clients as I work, so that they can begin to discern what their Body is telling them – through sensations that we often dismiss.

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Group Readings

A group reading is a private gathering, typically in someone’s home. We all sit together, and for two hours (sometimes more) I share all that I am hearing about each individual in the group. The importance of the group dynamic is that all people learn, and respectfully share in the power dynamic that occurs as I share the message of Love and encouragement that I receive. 

We ask that there be a minimum of six people, not including the host or hostess.  Please contact us for more information and to schedule your group reading.

Workshops - Self- Paced + On Demand

Workshops Self-Paced and On Demand
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