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As a child, I was encouraged to draw, paint and to explore ways to create unique things. As a result, I learned how to study whatever
it was that I was trying to paint or draw, which in turn heightened my ability to perceive nuances. That has helped me in many ways throughout my Life, most especially, as an Energy Healer.

I later studied art and design at the Center for Creative Studies and began teaching art, design and calligraphy in 1985 at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Association and in the extension program at The Center for Creative Studies.

But in 1997 I had an experience that changed my Life, and I began to study Energy Medicine. As I was learning about Energy Healing
I worked in a hospice setting, and that served to open the floodgates of my memories of seeing, feeling and knowing that Energy was as much a part of us as the Air we breathe. Since that time, I have worked with medical schools, lectured in hospice, medical schools and nursing programs and have traveled to work with Indigenous Elders to learn more deeply about our deeply intimate connection with the Living Earth.

I am an artist, writer, author, educator, radio/podcast host and have been an expert guest on the Ask Dr. Nandi show. Please explore
the many ways I try to inspire new ways of thinking about Life and our place in it.

My books, The Angels and Me – Experiences of Receiving and Sharing Divine Communications, and Spirit Awakening – Wisdom for Life and Living are available here and on Amazon.


I have also created Inspirational artwork for you to enjoy and share with others.

Media + Collaborations

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Dr. Nandi Medical Miracles

[ Video ] - Dr. Nandi Medical Miracles with Elaine Grohman

Dr. Nandi Energy Medicine

[ Video ] - Dr. Nandi Show Energy Medicine with Elaine Grohman

HOUR Detroit Health Guide 2014

[ PDF ] - HOUR Detroit Health Guide 2014- Positive Touch. Energy Healing Isn't Magic...

Dr Nandi 28.42

[ Video ]- Full Episode - Ask Dr. Nandi Medical Miracles Elaine Groham shares her story during the 28.42 spot on the video.

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