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The Beauty of the Red Lodge

Autumn bursts with magnificently vibrant colors, and we are welcomed once again to come inside to sit before the warmth of a Fire’s glow. The Summer’s heat has settled into cool nights, the humidity has become soft rain, and the Wind helps deciduous Trees release their tiny offspring, and they dance in the crisp autumn breeze. As each Leaf gently unclasps its embrace with it only home, it falls to Earth, and an ancient dance of renewal begins. Once emerald, lofty Sky-dancing Leaves release their grasp, twirling through the Air to rest gently upon the Ground, where it each will begin its transformation into rich, life-giving soil once again.

We have entered the Red Lodge - the time of harvests, hayrides, pumpkins, apples, and crisp, starry nights. Time turns our Mother Earth, and each of us revolve with Her in the vast expansive Cosmos among the Stars. Days become short and nights become long. The Red Lodge is a time to gather - a time to appreciate the wonders we have gathered from our Gardens, so that we can enjoy the health of Earth’s bounty, and the treasure of experiences we have that help us to mature. Soon the Ground is kissed by frost, and soon will be covered with a blanket of gently falling snow.

The Red Lodge is a time to move inward, to reflect upon the treasures and opportunities that each day brings. It is the Time to gather within our Selves the Wisdom we have gained through our experiences of the past Seasons of our Lives. Do we choose to Grow? Do we choose to Change? Do we choose to add the richness of generosity, kindness, humility, and inclusion that the Earth so generously provides for us all? It is Time to recognize that the greatest Gift we are given is Time – and it is up to each of us to ensure that all of Humanity is part of Life’s Wondrous Dance.

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