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I Never Tire of the Garden

© Elaine M. Grohman - June 2023

In my hand rests an ancient Being – a singular tome, smaller than my baby fingernail, yet ancient and wise. This tiny Being sits quietly at rest, patiently waiting for the curious and the willing to move it to its place of Renewal. Its importance is immeasurable. Its design is extraordinary. Its capability is humbling. Its capacity to give – often ignored. Yet, without others of Its kind, and the vast array and diversity of others like it, nothing can Live. In my hand rests a single Seed – a Being that patiently waits to be planted in the Earth, so that It can share Life with Us. If I am curious, It will be my Teacher. This Seed is far wiser than I, an elder deserving of my respect.

I never tire of being in the Garden – though my body may feel fatigued at the end of the day.

I never tire of the feel of the Earth in my hands. I am humbled each time I witness a Life emerging from the Earth, one little seedling pushing aside the weight of the world, to reach towards the Sun as it grows. While resting in the rich soil, this small, silent Being, must break through Its tough, protective shell, waiting as Water and Earth begin to soften, ever so slightly, the enclosure that must be shed, so that the Life within the Seed can begin to unfurl. All of this happens unseen, unknown, and often ignored.

This wondrous Being soon begins to gestate, transforming with spectacular speed, to move Earth aside to reach for the Starlight and Sunlight. Resting in a Garden, active in a Garden, birthing in a Garden - Life emerges.

I never tire of introducing and re-introducing my Self to the Garden – as every day, every hour, every minute, the Garden is growing. The Change is astounding. Awe-inspiring. Life-affirming. Real. Unpretentious. Giving. A Garden is Life.

I never tire of watching the Birds, Butterflies, Insects, and other Creatures, investigate Nature that they know so well. We can learn so much from those who Live in and with a Garden – those who share their Songs, birth their Young, add what they can, and take only what they need.

I never tire of the fragrances, the sounds, the Light, the Sun, the Stars, and the Moon, knowing they are all in perfect communication with one another – that they understand the most Ancient Language we can imagine… the Language of Life.

The Garden gives. The Garden offers. The Garden shares, and nourishes, and displays such incredible variety and Beauty. We have so much to Learn.

Rain or shine. Chilly or hot. Light or dark. I love the Garden. I love Life. And I know, there is so much to Learn – and so little Time.

I never tire of a Garden. And I hope the Garden never tires of me.

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