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As We Learn, We Grow. As We Grow, We Learn.

I have dear Friends who work tirelessly to help to quell the tide of violence in our world. Sometimes their words are ignored. Silenced. Dismissed. Their words have fallen on deaf ears – until a tragedy occurs that is preventable, until those who hold positions of power begin to understand that violence needs to be prevented, through united, mature, humane, inclusive Learning. Learning helps to prevent the hardships that create an unstable person, whose instability causes them to believe there in no other way, and they become willing to do the unthinkable.

The words of my Friends have been silenced until their words are truly needed. We are in need of true Leadership, those willing to ask the most important questions that have yet to be asked. What are we doing wrong? How can we change this? Where do we begin? Then, their Wisdom is sought - because their Wisdom is desperately needed.

Their words are needed now.

We live in an age of madness, ignited by beliefs that draw lines in the sand, dividing the best within each person, separating the Mind from reality. Separating the Mind from Life.

Life works.

Madness destroys.

Every Human Being who has ever lived, who is living now, and has yet to be born has come to this planet for the same purpose.

We have come to Learn.

We are here to Learn how to resolve our challenges, our conflicts, and to be willing to be honest and accountable. We are here to grow to be our best Selves. Not to shame, but to acknowledge when we have stood in the way of Life, attempting to dismantle our own Humanity for some imagined gain. There is nothing gained. There is only loss and harm.

Yet there is hope. We must learn what Life is telling us about ourselves, that we might walk with Life, to bring forth the best within OurSelves and one another.

There are simple, dynamic Truths that many ideologies have ignored, silenced, or denied. But these Truths remain the same.

Before our birth, we exist as pure Spirit – as part of the totality of potentials yet to be born.

You and I, as Human Beings, must inhabit a singular biosphere to become a terrestrial being. We must be born into a Body to have a Life.

Every Human Being is born vulnerable. Every Human Being needs the care of another Human Being, so that we might have the opportunity to grow. We need food, shelter, comfort, and protection. We need others. We need to belong. We need to be acknowledged as a Human Being. Safety promotes Learning.

If any of these are missing – the brokenness has already begun. Every Emotion is a signal.

“I am safe,” signals an ease within the Body, and the Emotions are understood. “I am not safe,” also signals the Body, and initiates a chemical reaction that puts the Body on high alert.

As we grow, if there is an abundance of “I am safe,” the Mind can begin to engage with Life. We can Learn. If there is an abundance of “I am not safe,” the Body shuts down the Mind, and the cascading chemicals flood the system, and the Body reacts, and the harm continues.

Every Human Being Learns to navigate Life through our Emotions. Emotions are incoming information, experienced through engagement with others and the environment in which we Live - outside themselves. Each Emotion is a signal to the Body – a signal that carries silent, important information. Emotions are engaged by our sensory perceptions; our Emotions are telling us something. Emotions are the guideposts for action. We must Learn to work with Life, and not against Life.

We must Learn to put aside our countless armaments, that we can begin to unite as Human Beings willing to Learn. Without Learning, conflict resolution is impossible.

Yet there is another way. We must learn to come together in respectful, inclusive ways that allow conversations to be open and honest, making way for Dreams to blossom, for conflicts to be resolved and accountability to be a noble act of Wisdom.

We have stood on the sidelines while incidences of abuse, neglect, fear, and violence has ravaged the lives of countless Human Beings.

Yet, there is another way. We must learn to prevent violence before it begins, rather than attempt to quell a raging fire as it swiftly moves.

We witness the abuse of power, an abuse that has weakened our Minds and dulled our sensitives. Yet there is another way.

Abuse of power has many faces and is the greatest human weakness.

Abuse of any kind screams for our attention – can we truly afford to look the other way?

What is happening here and why? Why have individuals who abuse their power been allowed to continue to abuse their power?

We all must Learn to be Wise. Wisdom is not superior, but inclusive. Wisdom is dignified and clear. Wisdom is evolving. As we Learn, we grow. As we grow, we Learn.

We have many questions to answer, many things to honestly consider.

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