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Awakening Our Potentials: Our Wondrous Human Capacity to Heal - Spirit, Body, Emotions and Mind

Our Wondrous Capacity to Heal

If we are alive – we have a Body.

It is an absolute requirement for Life as a Human Being.

Each of us are Spirit having a Human experience we call a Life on this wondrous sphere called Earth.

We are Spirit in physical form, and the form that we inhabit is amazing beyond our capacity to comprehend. Our physical Body is the only way for us to be Human. To be born. To grow. To learn. To change. To contribute.

For us to have a Life – we must have a Body.

For us to experience Emotions – we must have a Body.

For us to learn how to think – we must have a Body.

For us to have experiences of any kind – we must have a Body.

But few of us have ever been taught the significance of our Emotions, and so as a result, we are endlessly wounded by our Emotions. Few of us are aware that our Emotions are information – literally “energy in motion,” providing us silent yet palpable signals that inform us about the safety or dangers we encounter.

For every Human Being, healing is an inside job. It is so much more than physical, but if left unchecked our Emotions effect our thinking, our choices, our beliefs, our actions and ultimately our Health. Healing is an atomic reaction, and our ability to maintain our Health – Spirit, Body, Emotions and Mind, is directly connected to our understanding of the source of the Energy we require for Life – and how to maintain, regain, and stay connected to that Source.

Mother Earth IS that source. The magnificent, perfect and dependable generator that supports all the Life on this planet. And that includes you and me.

Unfortunately, most people know absolutely nothing about our connection to the Earth. How to get it. Why it is essential. And how to maintain it. That is what Healing is all about. Keeping ourselves in balance WITH Life, so that we might live long and healthy lives.

Most people have become so enamored with things, money, status, beliefs and ideologies that we have forgotten how to Live collaboratively - inclusively - kindly - and healthily.

Becoming aware of Energy, and what does for us all, is what Energy Healing and Energy Medicine is all about. After all, Healing is an inside job… and is the one constant that can help you be healthier in Body, Mind and Emotions.

If you would like to know more, please inquire… send an email, give me a call, check out the workshops that I offer. Once you experience what has always been available to us all, you will never look at Life the same way again. In fact, you might just be relieved to discover all the good it can do.

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