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The Red Lodge – The Power of Autumn

© Elaine M. Grohman 2022 - Life's Mirror - Above and Below

Since I was a little girl, I have marveled at the magnificent colors of Fall. I still catch my breath as Life’s palette adorns the Trees with vibrant red, orange, and golden leaves. Each jewel tone glimmers with illumination, shining brightly among countless shades of green, sienna and umber. The brilliance of the Blue Sky accentuates every Leaf as it shimmers in the cool, crisp Air, alerting all my Senses to the Beauty of Life’s dramatic and wondrous palette, and the countless mysteries we have yet to appreciate. Time continues to move. The treasures of Spring and Summer have come and gone, each cycle demonstrating our Earth’s movement within a greater calendar of Time. Life has unfurled before us, but have we seen the wonders? We continue to be nourished by Earth’s abundant Life, but do we stop to appreciate all that we are given? Autumn has arrived. Glorious colors are transforming the landscape. Each Leaf holds its place like dappled jewels clinging to their branch of birth, soon to release from its tether to glide in the wind moving towards its resting place on Earth. Fallen leaves can bring joyful laughter to children as they tumble and play in gathered piles of leaves. In the mind of the uninformed, Leaves can be viewed as just one more task to be accomplished. Fallen Leaves are nourishment for Life, returning to Earth when a cycle is complete so that other cycles may begin again. For many, Autumn is known as the Red Lodge. A Lodge holds its own Space, without ever separating from the whole. The Red Lodge, a Cycle within greater Cycles, is a time of tremendous transformation and preparation for seasons yet to come. Living in Michigan I deeply appreciate experiencing the Four Seasons. Like the turning of a page, each day of each Season adds to the richness of Life. Every Sun-rise is an invitation to participate with Life, as Life, in the only way we can – as a Living Being. Every Sun-set is a reminder of the treasures and teaching the day provided, that we might Dream with these Teachings and bring new Wisdom into the next day of our Life. Trees respond to cold weathers approach, signaling the Time for the Blue Waters within Trees to flow back toward the Earth. As Blue withdraws toward the cocoon of Earth, the visible light spectrum of Blue is moves from the Green, and becomes the colors Yellow, Orange and Red, through the perfected mystery of Light's Spectrum. The Waters of Life move into the Earth to not only preserve the Life of the Tree, since frozen Water would destroy the delicate tributaries in the Living Tree, but to nourish the Life within Earth that continues to replenish and renew through Autumn and Winter so Life can reach for the warmth of the Sun once again in Spring. The Core of Mother Earth, as part of a Living Star, has for millions of years maintained the perfect temperature to incubate Life within Her. All Science is born of Wonder, since Science is the study of Life ItSelf. Life on the surface of Earth is only possible because of the Life within Earth. Choose to quiet the storm inside you, so that we all might Learn the Language of Life. If we pretend to know what we do not, we will continue to destroy that which we have come to Learn. Life has much to Teach. We have much to Learn. Be Well. Stay Safe. Do Good. Elaine M. Grohman

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