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When Myths Become Malignant

Four individuals stood together, three of them men, one of them a Woman. In the unconscious mind of one of the men, a story resided, a myth that had become a malignant thought fed by a very old cultural deception, that of the superiority of males over females. This widely held belief of superiority of one over another, always predicated on false information, always leads to dire consequences. The myth in his mind had become a malignant way of thinking.

For this particular man his myths had become his personal story, littering his life in ways he was not willing to see but were blatantly obvious to those “with eyes to see and ears to hear.” This particular myth involved his degraded thinking of women, and his actions and language were about to betray his ignorance. His words were spoken out loud with a bravado that he hoped would bring him some momentary sense of glory, status or rank. Nothing could be further from the truth. The unconscious mind knows little of the benevolent capacity of a Balanced Mind and is often grossly negligent in both accountability and self-examination in a culturally created little mind.

This man failed to recognize the fatal flaw in both his timing and language. He failed to recognize that he was in the presence of a Woman of Integrity as he salaciously began to brag about where he would like to be at the moment. With the sudden strike of a Lioness, this Woman of Substance put him in his place and the bravado of a braggart became the truth revealed, his words, comprehended by Her Sharp Mind, instinctively responded with true authority, rendering his misguided language impotent so that his words would fall to the ground unable to contaminate the environment one moment longer. Her direct, clear and powerful presence shattered the smoke and mirrors created by an illusory persona. Her presence, unwilling to ignore the ignorant, said, “No more!”

It is time for us to examine all that we think, all that we say and all that we do. It is time for us to learn that we teach others who we really are through our words and actions. And that if we are really here to live well, we must teach one another about the importance of the Natural World and our equal place in it, and to illustrate that goodness, equality and integrity should be of paramount importance to us all. The survival of our world is dependent upon it.

It is time for us to examine what we are willing to permit in our presence. And since the only time we truly have is the Present moment, then we ought to be scrupulously willing to guard our time and our lives, so that true kindness, loyalty, integrity and joy can become commonplace, rather than mindlessly normalizing pettiness and ignorance.

Today we stand in the midst of illusions, and it is important that we learn to discern to the difference. Guard your precious time so that misguided myths can no longer have malignant consequences.

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