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Be the Light at the Beginning of the Tunnel

Light – what would we do without it? Without Light, we would easily be lost in our environments, in our thoughts and in our actions. Without Light, we could easily limit our movements, limit our imaginations and limit our possibilities and potentials. Without Light – we could not survive. Light is essential. Life-giving. Illuminating. Necessary.

Time and again we are taught to seek answers outside of ourselves. We look for answers to come from our spouses, our bosses, our religious leaders and others. We are taught to look for the proverbial, “Light at the end of the tunnel,” in hopes that things will get better and that in the future we will reach that illusive light. Yet the light remains at a distance. As we look to outside influences for the answers we seek, we unwittingly divert our attention from the only place where change can really occur. Inside our selves.

There are so many phrases that are bandied about. We hear about enlightenment, but think of it as a lofty goal reserved for holy people. One online dictionary refers to the term in two ways. One common meaning reflects the Buddhist and Hinduism concept of “enlightenment,” referring to, “A state in which the individual transcends desire and suffering and attains nirvana.” This definition is hard to come by for most of us. The second meaning of “enlightenment” refers to, “a philosophical movement of the 1700’s that emphasized the use of reason to scrutinize previously accepted doctrines and traditions and that brought about many humanitarian reforms.”

We hear about “being spiritual,” but fail to comprehend that the meaning of the word spiritual is “pertaining to Spirit.” Since we are already Spirit in action through the vehicle of our human body, we can be nothing other than Spirit-ual.

It is our common human goal to do three things, as each and every one of us is born for the exact same purpose. We are here to be happy. Happiness is our most natural state, yet fear and anger are our common experiences. When we are happy we feel most alive, and fully aware of the amazing experience we call Life. We are here to be and to express the Love that we are. By this I do not mean our limited comprehension of Love. Rather, I am referring to the Power that is inherent in all things, that which allows for the blossoming of all Life. We are meant to be expansive expressions of that Love. And lastly we are here to take Action. Be Happy. Express and experience Love. And take Action.

Now I am not saying that these three concepts are easy, but they are certainly worth your time. Happiness is active, collaborative, creative and joyful. Happiness allows for ideas to flow, and solutions to be found. Love – the Power of Love, is the invisible glue that helps us to express ourselves through the giving and receiving of the deep appreciation for Life. And finally - Action. Action is movement forward. Action helps to bring thoughtfully conceived ideas forward, which in turn is an expression of the creative Power of Love and the inevitable consequence is Happiness.

Whenever you can, wherever you go, look around at all that Life has given. Allow happiness to flood into your awareness. As each day begins, embrace the creative Power of the Love that you are. Allow it to flow from you and to you, erasing any limiting beliefs that have prevented good, productive Action. This will make you Happy. This will make you Shine and will make small any clouded influence and will illuminate your path each step of the way forward. Be the Light at the beginning of the tunnel, and then the journey will be just fine, illuminated by the Happy Love that you carry forward.

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