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The Time is NOW

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

We all have moments when we dream about our future. We all have moments when we long for the past. We dream about the things we want. We dream about the careers we want. We dream about the relationships we want. We dream about people and places that we would like to know in our Lifetime. And then we wait.

We also think, much too frequently I dare say, about the things that we don’t want. We don’t want a relationship in which we don't feel loved. We don’t want another job that is unfulfilling. We don’t want a boss that is a bully. We don’t want to live where the weather is too cold or the weather is too hot. We don’t want the debt we have accumulated. And on and on it goes.

Since Life is about Creating, and we are part of Creation, then it would be wise for us to understand the great potential that awaits our attention. In order to Create, we must call forth those people, places, events and opportunities that we Want in our Lives, and ignore the unwanted. Creation and Creating moves in one direction only - forward, never backwards. Forward momentum acknowledges the magnificent metamorphosis of Creation. Wanting creates. Not wanting does too.

What if you knew, truly knew, that there is no other time than Now? Yes, of course, we have the notions of past, present and future. The past is the proverbial “times gone by,” the etheric place in which our memories reside. But living in the past is not truly living and is often a desperate, futile attempt to alter that which cannot be changed, or worse, the place where perpetual blame, sorrow or anger renders us lifeless.

Looking to the future we dream about the things we want, usually half-heartedly. Often lurking among our thoughts about the future is the common misconception that what we want really won’t be ours. We unconsciously believe that we are not deserving or that what we “want” is only for the lucky few. This thinking thwarts our happiness before it has a chance to blossom. Again, we stop ourselves in our tracks.

Many of us “live” in the past, long for the future, but neglect the Present. The Present is just that… A Present - a Gift that can be what you choose to make it!

What if you knew that your greatest dreams can and will be accomplished if you are willing to take the necessary steps to bring these dreams to fruition? Thankfully, more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of the incredible power that each of us possess. We are inextricably a part of Creation, and Creation creates. Your dreams are powerful tools of exploration of new and exciting potentials. Dreams are the chalkboards of our Mind, the place where problems can be examined and solutions imagined.

As we begin to comprehend the futility of lingering in the past, we will learn to bless the past, discovering perhaps for the first time, who we are meant to be in relation to anything that ever happens to us. By observing the past we can resolve to honor ourselves in new ways. We can stand in observation rather than judgment and thereby uphold the integrity of our own lives.

What if you knew that the Present is the place of endless possibilities - a boundless field of opportunities that Creation has laid before you. Once ignited within Human Hearts and Minds, the future can germinate in the fertile landscape of the Now moment, making it not only possible but certain that something wonderful is on its way. The Time is Now. Dream it! Be it! Do it!

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