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Water Stories - A Global Conversation: Water’s Symphony Through Space and Time

On June 22, 2021, I was invited by Matt Thornton, Founder of New Water Generation ( to participate in Water Stories: An Immersion into the Wondrous World of Water, as part of World Unity Week, a free online event that took place June 19 - 26, 2021. This global conversation was co-convened by over 200 organizations spanning all sectors that are uniting and collaborating for a better world with Water playing the central theme throughout the week as the primary unifier of all Life.

Please allow me to share what I said to those in attendance on this global conversation. Thank you, Matt Thornton, for your kindness and your trust in me.

Just prior to speaking, as I walked the Land of our home I asked Life what "Water" might want me to say. As has been the case so many times in my Life, an immediate and profound message moved through me. This is what I am sharing with you today.

"We are living in a time of Wonder. Yet, Wonder always remains the same.

Wonder is Life’s invitation – The outstretched hand of Spirit that invites us to be included in this mystery that we share.

This mystery is Life.

Every Life is a Journey – a Fantastic voyage that moves us through Space and Time.

We are moved by Creation, carried through the Rivers of Time and Space, so that We – You and I, can experience a most extraordinary Gift. The Gift of Life.

Mysterious wonders precede our Birth. Your Birth and my Birth. And, if we are Wise, we will discover that mysteries and wonders invite us in the moment we are born. Over and over, every single day, the waves of Life move to us and through us.

We are born, which means we are beginning, and every day we learn something new. We are beginning again, when we see with clearer vision. We are born anew, when we step into the vast horizons of appreciation that surrounds our every moment.

You and I are delivered into Life, by the mysterious substance known as Water. You and I, conceived in our aqueous home, move with confined freedom as our perfect vehicle for Life is formed.

Surrounded by the percussive sound of the rhythmic Human Heart of our Mother, our tiny body begins to coalesce into the sacred vessel we call the Human Body.

As our Human Body grows, our Time draws nearer, and the cycle of 280 sunrises and sunsets, having orbited through Space, signals the Time of our individual arrivals. You and I, as we were about to be born, were cushioned in our cavernous shelter, surrounded by the only substance capable of delivering us to the Shores of Life.

That Substance is Water.

You and I cannot exist without Water.

Nor can we exist without all of the other Elements of Life.

When we encounter the partner of Water – the Living Element known as Air, We share, for the very first time, a sacred offering to Life.

As we take our first breath, we experience the Air, and as the sacred, holy Waters of Life are gently dried from our Body, we become terrestrial Beings – no longer Living in our aquatic home.

Without thought we express ourselves for the very first time outside of our Mother’s Womb. We shed tiny droplets of our Private Ocean, our Tears, as expressions of gratitude for the Journey that has just begun.

As Human Beings we have much to Learn.

It is time for us to know that we are not simply Living Life.

We ARE Life.

We ARE Life being Lived.

With every possible substance, experience and relationship available to us for our Learning.

We, as Human Beings, are in a Time of Learning.

We Bathe in Water. We consume Water. We are Vessels of Water.

We must Learn to care for the Ship and the Sea that we are.

For without these Wonders, we could never materialize.

For without these Wonders, we could never learn.

For without these Wonders, we would not grow.

For without these Wonders, we could not have experiences.

Water moves from the Rivers and Clouds, eventually to be absorbed and consumed by every Living Being. Including OurSelves.

Water in not merely a part of Life.

Water Is Life.

Water is the Journey, the momentum, the quencher, the comforter and the deliverer back to Spirit, when this journey of Life comes to an end.

There we will blend again, with Life, as She moves us though the glaciers and streams, the veins and arteries from which we gain our sustenance.

And at the Last, may we each shed a tear once again.

Tears of Gratitude for this expansive voyage into the great unknown called Life.

Let the Water Move us inward. Let the Water move us outward.

May Water know of our appreciation."

Elaine M. Grohman

Farmington Hills, MI 48334

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