20/20 Vision

The Imperative of our Time

Hindsight, Clear Sight, Insight, and Foresight


A new decade is just around the corner, and the term 20/20 - Clear Vision has taken on a new meaning in our Time.


We are in a Time that requires Hindsight - a Truthful examination of our Past actions. We are in a Time that requires Clear Sight - a Truthful examination of our Present with honest, thorough examinations of the challenges we are currently facing. We are in a Time that requires Insight - a Time for bold, imaginative, inclusive, workable solutions to the problems we have created. We are in a Time that requires Foresight - genuinely thoughtful collaboration born of integrity, honesty, and compassion. Our Time requires deeply thoughtful, meaningful, workable, and sustainably active Wisdom for all Future generations and for the preservation of all Life on Earth.


2020 is the Time of discovering the Gifts of our own Humanity. Join me in expanding your awareness of your own abilities. Join me to learn to Trust what you Know, Feel and Intuit. Join me in exploring the depths of Wisdom that we have been shielded from. Join me in learning of your connection to the Earth, and how her Healing Energy can assist you in gaining Health - Spirit, Body, Emotions and Mind.   

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