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"Elaine has an unmatched gift we can't fully understand because it is such a rare and brilliant skill set.
We simply have to listen, engage,
and absorb all that Elaine has to offer us– which is a lot, if you are open to it."

- Sarah L. Scafide

"Elaine Grohman is a gifted healer, teacher, and an important voice in these times of great change. Her wisdom, integrity, light, kindness and love for humanity infuse everything she does. Elaine has been a key member of our Empower Radio host lineup for over 5 years, and I am truly honored to have her on our network."

- Brent Carey

Founder, Empower Radio

"Working with Elaine's brilliance and wisdom on Ask Dr Nandi and The Dr Nandi show has been inspirational for me, our

producers and

especially our guests.

I'm so honored and

humbled that she has

chosen to share her

gifts with us and the

world. Namaste." 

Dr. Partha Nandi Book

- Partha Nandi, MD

"Learning to feel grounded in my emotions was the best gift Elaine could ever give to me. She made it feel effortless to learn and visualize how to turn my energy into something that could move through me.  It is something I use almost everyday now! Thanks to Elaine."

- Elysia Lenahan

"Elaine is a wonderful person who has helped me through numerous issues. It seems like she always has the right thing to say and the right advice to give. I’ve only known her for a short time, but she is always there for me. Every time we have a conversation it feels like our souls have known each other for a lifetime. I am honored to call her one of my friends."

- Anthony Cojocari

Producer, Empower Radio

- Brent Carey

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